Friday, September 15, 2006

Making Progress

Well, I am slowly whittling down my "to-do" list. The problem is that as I go through it and get things accomplished, I think of new things. So the list keeps growing longer!

Yesterday I treated myself to new towels (tan, naturally!) and a small rug. Even though it will probably be very hot, I still think it will be nice to have a rug between my bare feet and the concrete floor when I sit up in my bed. (Of course, that's assuming I have a bed and a concrete floor!). But it would be fine on a wooden floor, or even on bare ground. Come to think of it, the rug doesn't have a rubber bottom, so I guess I wasn't really thinking of bare ground....just added a new line to my to-do list: "74) exchange rug". It's been a long time since I went to the field with the Army, and I'm remembering things as I go.

Today I bought a supply of my various vitamins and nutritional supplements sufficient to last me for about six months. That will be enough time to figure out if I can get what I need over there, and if not, to arrange for someone to send me refills.

I just got my official mobilization orders and made my travel arrangements for 9/29.

About half of my "to-do's" are of the "get or prepare this thing to take along" type, and about half are of the "make this arrangement" type (e.g. cancel the newspaper, etc.). So I'll continue to work through the list, and hope that eventually I get to where I'm crossing things off faster than I am adding them!


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