Thursday, September 28, 2006

One day and a wakeup

I first thought of that typical military time reference this morning when I woke up - "Two days and a wakeup". That means I have (had) two days and a wakeup before I leave. Now since today's gone, it's just one. But today was very productive.

Everything is packed and I'm almost ready to go. I have about 1/2 duffel bag's worth too much stuff, but I decided to just take it along and see how it all fits after I get the equipment they issue to me. I may end up sending some things to myself from the post office later, but for now this is it.

It was hard to know how to pack, because the hard-core military man and backpacker in me says "pack for the field", but the information I have so far about my prospective assignment says "pack for a garrison assignment". So I did both, and probably have way too much stuff. But oh, well. I always did take the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" a little too seriously. I usually have backups for my backups.

Now the carry-on backpack is packed, the duffel bag is closed, and the trunk is latched. Tomorrow is a wrap-up day of things like turning off the phone, picking up my absentee ballot, etc. Plus my major project of cleaning and lubricating every firearm I own. I want to make sure I leave them with a good coating of oil so they won't rust while I'm gone. Plus I have to unload the ones I keep around for defensive purposes, secure the ammunition, and basically store and lock everything for a year away.

My dad will be living in my house while I'm gone, so security really isn't an issue. But I get my guns out and shoot them pretty regularly, which means they get cleaned and oiled at least a couple times a year. Now I'll be gone a long time, so I need to treat them a little differently. I guess it will be sort of like saying "goodbye", as well.

I am a shooter and firearms enthusiast, so this business of going to a country where I'm not allowed to take along privately owned weapons (yes, we call them POW's) is a big deal for me. I hope they let me practice with my M9 a lot. I'm not supposed to be issued an M16, but I am taking along my M1907 sling anyway, in the hope of being allowed to shoot M16's from time to time. After all, it's a war - I would like to think they'd be happy to have soldiers practicing their shooting. But I guess we'll see. If it's anything like it was when I was on active duty in the 1980's the issue will be ammunition allowances. But again - it's a war, so I'm hoping there will just be piles of ammo laying around waiting to be shot up. (I can dream, can't I?)

I am listening to semi-mellow German Rock and drinking my traditional Halloween drink of hot buttered rum. Now it's time to go downstairs and watch a movie - I'm thinking episode 2 of "Band of Brothers". It's about D-Day, and is entitled "Day of Days".

Mood: Wound up
Music: BAP - "Zwesche Salzgebaeck und Bier"


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