Monday, October 02, 2006

Photos (Finally!)

I have finally succeeded in posting photos to my blog. I didn't use the exact way any of the tools said to do it, because none of them actually put the photos into my text postings where I wanted them.

Perhaps in the future I can post my photos first, and then write the text around them. I'll try that the next time I have photos to post. But for now, I posted the photos to their own separate entries using Flickr, cut and pasted the html from these to the existing blog entries, then deleted the photo entries. Cumbersome, but effective!

The cool thing about posting photos from Flickr is that they have their own captions, which you can see by clicking the link under each photo. This takes you to Flickr and lets you see the photo and caption there.The enties that now have photos in them are:

10/1 - Ft. Benning, 25 Years Later
9/30 - 3rd Army, FORSCOM, USARC, and Breakfast
9/23 - Cleared From My Unit

Mood: Satisfied
Music: Handel - Concerto No. 3 in G Major


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