Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Information Security

So I got to work yesterday, and I had an email saying my required annual information security certification was out of date, and I had to take the mandatory online training. It's listed as a one-hour course, but it really took all morning, due to having to wait for screens to load, plus being interrupted by actual real work I had to do. But I got through it by lunchtime.

It could be accomplished in about 15-20 minutes of reading (at the *most*) if the Army would present it that way. But instead, they insist on making an animated, narrated cartoon production of it with multiple sub-screens and interactive progress tests of your comprehension.

Leaving aside my feelings as a taxpayer about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they probably paid some contractor to produce this monstrosity, think about the enormous drain on productivity inherent in requiring every soldier to go through this training every year. Must be pretty important, huh?

As I was going through it, I couldn't help but think about the way Hillary Clinton was treated for her massive violations of information system security at the State Department. Any military person who did what she did would be out on their keister, never be allowed to work for the Federal government in any kind of trusted capacity again, and maybe even end up in prison or paying a fine.

I took a few screen shots as I went through the training - see for yourself. Hmmm - do you think SSG Harris understands that the rules should apply to him and his coworker? They certainly apply to me. But why not Hillary Clinton?

Massive, massive hypocrisy and corruption. This should not be over, by a long shot. And, oh yeah, Benghazi....


At 01:24, Blogger Spoiled in Paradise said...

I bet that last screen was created after the Hillary email fiasco!


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