Monday, October 02, 2006

Photos (really!)

Ok, the photos are really, really ready. The only caveat is that if you dig into them on Flickr, you'll see sizes listed which are incorrect. I shrunk them substantially to fit on my free account, but the size still reads as though it's the original off the camera. I have much more detailed images, but have not stored them on Flickr due to upload bandwidth limitations on the free account.

Now I don't know whether to clean up the blog by deleting all the references to my photo troubles, or to leave them here as a testament to how hard this was for me to figure out. I guess I'll leave them - what the heck. This is supposed to be an unvarnished account of what I see and do while mobilized.

Speaking of unvarnished acccounts, maybe this is a good place to point out that I can't publish all my photos - when I was photographing FORSCOM HQ, a security guy came out and told me it wasn't allowed. He didn't make me delete the pictures off my camera, but it was pretty clear that they didn't want people taking pictures for security reasons.

The smartass in me wanted to go back with a tape measure and start measuring the gaps between the concrete barriers and taking notes. I probably could have told them I was just boning up on my engineer skills, especially if I had taken along my copy of FM 5-34 (Engineer Field Data). I quickly got that irreverent impulse under control. So I kept the photos, but I somehow suspect they might object to my publishing them here....

Anyway, I can finally post photos, and the ones listed in the earlier entry can actually be viewed!

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