Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Decorations

Friday 12/1/06

My mother sent me a little Christmas tree and some decorations, so I put it up this week. I also bought some lights at the PX and put up some photos. So my room looks more cozy and homelike than it has up until now. Here are some photos:

Christmas Lights
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My Desk #2
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I sat and listened to Christmas music while I put them up, and also while I addressed my Christmas cards. (Now if I can just get them over to the post office, they might arrive on time!).

I was glad to have my Christmas music. I almost forgot it, because all the Christmas CDs were stored with my Christmas decorations instead of with my other music. But I decided to bring along one favorite Christmas decoration, and when I went to get it I saw the Christmas CDs and ripped them into iTunes. Here’s my favorite decoration:

*Favorite Decoration

It’s also kind of funny, because along with the decoration, I came very close to bringing along a Waechtersbach Christmas mug, but decided against it, mainly because of space and also because I didn’t want it broken. Then last week I opened a package from my mother and there was not only a Waechtersbach mug but also a bowl and some Pine Forest potpourri. Now my room smells like the painting on my Christmas card:

Christmas Card 2006
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Generally it has felt good to listen to the music and put up the decorations, but I surprised myself when I was going back and looking at photos from last Christmas. Seeing the kids decorating, baking cookies, opening presents, and eating Christmas dinner really drove home the idea that I’m going to miss all that this year, for the first time in their lives. It just sort of gave me an empty feeling in my stomach, and I was nearly overcome by a wave of sadness such as I haven’t felt up until now. It passed, but I can really see how the holidays can be a melancholy time for some people who either don’t have family at all or who are separated from them. I know I’m likely to feel sad again because I’m not with them, but I don’t think I’ll feel it quite that acutely again. It just sort of took me by surprise that time.

I’ve been looking for Christmas M&M’s to send the kids, but they don’t have any in the PX. I guess the postage charges would make it kind of silly to send them all the way back the USA after they’d been sent here, but they’re kind of a tradition with us.

Claire and I deliberated a bit about whether I should post photos of our Christmas cookies from last year. We decided it was probably not a good idea since they sort of made light of the GWOT and people might get the wrong idea about our attitude towards it. But it was fun to recall making them with her.

Well, it’s about time for me to go get my laundry before someone piles it on top of the dryer and it gets all wrinkled. More another day!

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Music: Bing Crosby – Merry Christmas


At 05:03, Blogger Nucker said...

If it makes you feel any better, your room looks more festive than my home. No tree yet. With Steve going to his fathers this year I may just fill that need with the tree I put up in the boutique.

At 05:04, Blogger Nucker said...

If it makes you feel any better your room looks more festive than my home. No decorations. Steve will be going to his dads this year so I'll fill the need to view a tree at the boutique.


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