Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Sunday 12/24/06

Merry Christmas!

I’m listening to Bing Crosby’s “Merry Christmas” album on my iPod, drinking hot chocolate from my Christmas mug, and sitting at my desk with my little tree, lights, and other decorations. It’s nice, and I’ve felt very happy all day despite being away from home. Most of the sections seem to have started taking it a bit easy starting yesterday evening, and I gather that tomorrow will be slow although people will be working as needed. (I’m on call but don’t plan to work unless something comes up requiring attention.) People seem to be in a happy, friendly, holiday mood, and the universal greeting for the past couple of days has been “Merry Christmas”.

I think at least part of my good mood is attributable to having seen the program “O’Reilly in Iraq” earlier today. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News came over here recently and spent several days with the troops, and this program covered his visit. He had a lot of good things to say, which I think needed to be said and which need to be more widely seen and heard in the U.S.A. In the face of so much hostile media coverage, Fox is a welcome breath of fresh air. I’m bummed that they removed it from our barracks cable service, but we can still see it in the mess hall and on the service in the operations HQ. (I plan to complain and see if we can’t get it back in the barracks. It’s absolutely unconscionable that they have CNN but not Fox, especially considering the audience).

One interesting comment I heard was that Bill O'Reilly is in some ways the "Bob Hope" of this war. I don' t know that the comparison is exact, since he is a news commentator rather than an entertainer. But in terms of a prominent personality going out of his way to support the troops, and the genuine mutual admiration and respect, almost affection, with which many people in the service view him, I think it is a valid statement. I certainly see him that way and very much appreciate his being there.

Anyway, seeing his program and hearing what he had to say about us made me feel good. At least the message is out there and available to those who choose to tune in to Fox. Of course the far left-wing Democrats and other America-haters won’t tune in, but they are beyond help anyway. It’s the mainstream Americans who need to be reassured about what we’re doing here and to get some positive reinforcement about the mission and our ability to accomplish it. It takes a very long time to win this kind of war, and we need to muster and maintain the national will to sustain the effort.

I normally take Sunday off, but I worked this morning because I had some contractors in doing an evaluation for some work we want them to do on our AC systems before it gets hot again. So I went around with them until about noon. Then I took a nap all afternoon (didn’t sleep very well last night so I was tired). Now I bet I’ll be up really late since my sleep cycle is off. It’s just as well, since this way I’ll be alert during the hours when I’m most likely to be able to talk or IM with my family and friends.

I’m getting fat on all the candy and treats everybody has been sending me. I have a PT test and weight-in on 12/29, so this is not a good thing! Nonetheless I’m enjoying it. I am putting a lot of it out at the office for others enjoy as well (although I ate all the popcorn myself!). Maybe I’ll get up early on Christmas morning and go do PT. That would be a good way to start the day!

Ahh - one of my favorites – “Silver Bells”. :-)

The AC unit serving my area of the building is down and they didn’t get it fixed in yet, so I have no ventilation. For this reason I have my door propped open to get some airflow through the hallway ventilation system. It’s nice because it also opens up my room and it’s not so isolated in here. Usually people have their doors closed. Now a number of people have decorations on their doors (I have a little stocking up) and today I even noticed some bags hanging on doors (presumably presents).

I saw something really sweet at the Internet Café earlier today. A dad was on with his family at home, and they had webcams at either end with a voice connection. He had a stocking his family had sent him, and they opened presents together. I didn’t intrude by looking over his shoulder, but you could tell by what he was saying that he had small children. I’m sure they enjoyed opening their presents with Daddy. :-) It’s wonderful that the technology exists to make that possible.

I’ve been spending some time looking at photos of past Christmases, camping trips, and other times spent with my family. It’s nice, and feels good to see them even it it’s just in pictures. I miss them but I know I’ll see them again. While looking at my old photos, I came across a couple of images that I saved some time ago, which I think I’ll put here now. They are reminders of why we are here doing what we are doing, and why I don’t mind being here – the alternative could be much worse.

Freedom From Fear
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Mommy Liberty
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“Mele Kalikimaka”, everyone – a very special Christmas greeting to my friends and family. Time to go watch National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation”!

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Music: Bing Crosby – “Merry Christmas”


At 22:29, Blogger Nucker said...

Merry Christmas Brad. I wish you every happiness. - Nanc

At 10:45, Anonymous Tamara said...

Thank you for the Hawaiian greeting, it warmed my heart as you do..Sweet thoughts.


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